Differentiating Amazon Merchant Strategies

4 lessons from businesses doing it right

In this eBook, we will provide advice on how to stand out from the crowd, drive efficiency, and achieve commercial success on Amazon. In doing so, we’ll offer prescriptive advice on Amazon best practices. However, we’ll supplement these practical tips with examples of successful Nozzle customers — highlighting how we applied the lessons to help them find that success.


What will you learn?

    • A walkthrough on timing your remarketing for maximum effectiveness  

    • Examples of how companies have utilized PPC for growth 

    • Lessons on harnessing customer data to gain a competitive advantage 

    • Reasons why you should orient your organization around data, and how 


4 lessons from businesses doing it right

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Lesson 1: Optimize PPC spend

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Lesson 2: Use PPC to drive business objectives

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Lesson 3: Harness customer data to generate a competitive advantage

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Lesson 4: Orient your organization around data


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