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How to make sense of your Amazon customer data



In this guide you'll learn:


What customer data you can access on Amazon and its analytics features
The impact of advanced analytics engines, machine learning and AI technology
How to take actions based on insights
How the correct use of data can transform your Amazon eCommerce strategy



The Power of Nozzle's Customer Analytics

Aggregate all of the disparate data sources within the Amazon ecosystem and leverage your customer data to transform your eCommerce strategy like never before.

Utilise AI and Amazon expertise

Purpose-built using deep Amazon domain expertise in day-to-day and strategic decision-making, and combining it with market-leading machine learning.



Understand your customer personas

  • Repeat Purchase Analysis
  • Sales Analysis 
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Geo-Hotspot Analysis

Drive change across platforms

Use Nozzle's insights to easily identify opportunities for improving and tailoring your marketing strategies, both on and off Amazon.


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