Learn How To Master Amazon Brand Analytics

A Handbook for Sellers and Vendors

What will you learn?

  • A walkthrough of ABA from start to finish.

  • Best practices for using ABA

  • Reporting functions & use cases

  • How to get the most out of ABA

  • Expert strategies for getting deeper insights

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Mastering Amazon Brand Analytics

For both Sellers and Vendors, Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) has become the central data reporting tool to drive decision-making on the platform.

Why should you use ABA?

ABA contains valuable marketing and advertising insights because it provides consumer information across a wide range of search queries, not just your current customer reach.

In effect, this gives you unprecedented access to your competitors’ data. Using data from ABA, you can monitor your competitors and react in real-time to what they’re doing.

Reporting Features of ABA

Discover the benefits of their existing reports:

  • Amazon Search Terms 
  • Repeat Purchase Behaviour
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Item Comparison & Alternate Purchase
  • Demographics


Getting the most value out of ABA

ABA reports are a fundamental source of Amazon customer and competitor information.

However, they present two significant challenges that you need to overcome. These are: 

  1. A lack of hard numbers
  2. A lack of context
There are, however, ways around this by augmenting your data.


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